Outdoor greenwalls

For our outdoors greenwalls we use mostly our one system "PlantWall". There is also a possiblilitie for pre-grow greenwalls for more info about that please contact us.

Plantwall is a self-designed system based on rockwool. The unique thing about this is that we are no longer limited in the form we want to give to the greenwall. The existing systems weren't required to make turn, only straight lines. With ous system it is also possible to adopt organic forms and even logos of companies.

How it works

The system is based on rockwool, this is a synthetic grow medium also used in tomato cultivation. The whole system hangs on 5cm from the wall, so water in the facade of the building is impossible.

 In the picture on the right you can see how it's build. Also new is the flexible gutter on the bottom for water shelter. Because of this the collecting system is no longer vissible

The plants grow in rockwool, due different test we have selected a various selection of plants we cane use in our greenwalls. It depends also of the orientation which plants we would use. We plant around 150 plants each square meter. Plants we use can be Lavendula, Hebe, Heuchera, Fragaria.

The most imptorant is irrigation, without water and fertilizers the plants wouldn't survive a week. The irrigation system i a peace of technic that makes sore off the right water and fertilizer quantities. Everything is completely automatic, so you don't have to worry about your greenwall

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