Mosswalls are becoming very popular because off their natural view and there is no maintenance. The moss gets chemical treated and it goes in a kind of sleep modes. Like this the moss stays green but doesn't grow. There is no watering needed, so it's actually like a painting. 

We work with standard panels available in three different measurements:

    - 122x61cm

     - 61x61cm

     - 30,5x61cm

Nice to know is that moss isn't cheap. A greenwall is just as expensive as a mosswall. 

The 3 standard frames can be filled u with different materials like 3 colors of moss. But there is also a possibilitie for stone and bark.

Forest green

'Mountain grey' 

Medium green

Schors paneel

Lime green

'Prairie brown'

Mangium takken

Pole moss


Plat mos

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