Our first project is in the Berthoutstraat 53 in Vremde. It's an organic formed greenwall, to make thing more complex. It's a test wall where we can test different types of plants and irrigation systems.

The greenwall has a total length off 9 m and a height off 1m. In total there are 1400 plants plugged in the wall, with a various variation off bladcolor and bloemcolor. You can see the just planted wall in the thirth picture. The plants are still very small and have to grow seriously.

The irrigation system is semi-automatic because like this we can still test different materials for pipes, computers, water valves but also different types off fertilizers.

You can see underneath the wall partly a collection gutter. This was because we were testing 2 different types of water collection built in the greenwall. One failed so we had to install the gutter underneath. The other inbuilt gutter works well.

Resultaat na 3 maanden

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