Project groen gevel

The clients of this project have a house in the city with a very small garden and almost everything made of concrete. They wanted more green, but not if this would reduce their living space. So we were contacted for a greenwall.

achterkant groene gevel

The dimensions of the wall are 4,60x3,30m, so a total area of 15m². The back wall is made off bricks with already some age. This wouldn't make a problem for the installation of our carying structure.

The irrigation system is located inside the house against frost protection. The main water tube comes out of the wall directly in the greenwall so its invisible. This main water tube is now connected to the irrigation system in the greenwall.

At the bottom we have installed some wood with behind a collecting gutter for all the drain water. This water is collected en reused. Like this we have no water waste.

The plants we used for this project are carex, Euonymus, Lavendula and Heuchera. At this pictures we have just planted.

planten groene gevel
groene gevel

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