Project groenterras

For this project we were asked to make a combination of a greenroof with a terrace. After some few designs we made a terrace that is surrounded by plants. The wood is Padouk matching the windows.

opbouw dakterras

Padouk has a strong color variation starting with red and becoming gray. Because is a tropical hardwood combined with a tropical under structure it's made to last a long time.

Around the terrace comes the drainage with rock wool for extra water capitation. On this rock wool comes the substrate and the plants. The plants we used are Leptinella dioca, a low ground covering plant.

Because of the Aluminium boarding on the sides of the greenroof between the grind and also between the terrace, we have a really classy look that last forever.

opbouw groendak/dakterras
dakterras padouk

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